Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Holistic Health News Coming soon!

Welcome to Holistic Health News.
I am Theresa May owner of Heaven On Earth Healing, currently servicing clients in the midwest, and east coast areas. I started my private practice serving individuals and offering wellness talks and classes in 1998.  And I love what I do as much now as I did back then. 

Now that I have finished my yearly IRS obligations, I can get back to my real passions for offering guidance in natural, holistic, and even spiritual medicine. 

Let me be clear I am not referring to the term medicine in the same way allopathic physicians use the term.  I am simply referring to the fact that even before allopathic medicine got its name, there were and still are other modalities from cultures all over the world that use the term medicine. 
Shaman's have their medicine, Homeopathic physicians and Herbalists have their medicine, families have their folk medicine, and even the often heard truism, 'Laughter is Good Medicine" utilizes the term.  So I am not infringing on anyone's right to use the term.

I intend to write about my personal healing experiences that I learned along the way.  I intend to share wisdom that others have passed down to me, and share from my own awakenings.  But most of all, I intend to address the ailments that most so called civilized countries are continuing to be bombarded with. 

I sincerely hope you keep coming back for more information while you integrate and apply it into your own life.  As you do, you will be the true change maker and our planet and our home will have a chance at bouncing back and someday re-creating a heaven here on earth.